Going over Job Description with Employee

Performance Evaluations

The great debate…to conduct performance evaluations or not… Just prior to [...]

SWHRC Spirit

SWHRC Spirit

As we now approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I sat back [...]

The Benefits of Online Mediation

Mediation has traditionally been done in a room between two [...]

Why do employers do decide on investigations? HR Blog Southwestern HR Consulting

Why do employers conduct investigations?

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the importance [...]

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The Importance of Thoroughly Investigating Performance Issues

Many organizations use progressive discipline for performance and attendance issues [...]

Human Resources Strengths and Weaknesses | HR Blog Southwestern HR Consulting

Employee Termination Q&A

Question: I can relieve anyone during their probationary period for [...]

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Performance Management

The Pareto Principle applies to issues of performance management. Only [...]