FLSA Injunction Only in Texas

For those of you who have been following the recent Southwestern HR Consulting (SWHRC) articles, the changes to the FLSA exemption threshold still apply at this time with the exception of the State of Texas. Unless your business meets one of the requirements of exclusion, you will be required to ensure that your exempt employees are making the new minimum salary level for exempt employees beginning July 1, 2024, and will need to meet the additional increase on January 1, 2025. Some employers may opt to make their previously exempt employees non-exempt.

Fact Sheet # 17A provides information on the basic exemptions. However, depending on the business and the type of work, there are additional exemptions that may be applicable, though the additional scopes are narrow.

If you have any questions on how these changes affect your specific employees, contact SWHRC today at the link above to talk to a representative and to find out about our services and our team of experts.

Magdalena Vigil-Tullar

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