Federal regulations you need to know…

In order to maintain compliance and mitigate risk please contact [...]

New Mexico HR Bills

UPDATE | 4.26.202 Thank you to everyone who joined us for [...]

2021 NM State Legislature | Human Resource Bills

  UPDATE | 2.26.2021 Welcome to this last week in February. The [...]

NM Minimum Wage Laws: What can you expect for 2020 and beyond?

New Mexico Minimum Wage Laws: What can you expect for [...]

SWHRC Blog - Compliance


HUMAN RESOURCE COMPLIANCE, Know the Rules.   Companies, large and small, have [...]

Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures

POLICIES & PROCEDURES   Your policies and procedures can make or break [...]

Performance Management

Performance Management

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT   Why Performance Management?  What does it include? Employees are the [...]