Employee Development

Employee and Organizational Development

As a business, employee and organizational development is your greatest [...]

Organizational Development

Investigators sometimes see issues that are systematic that can be [...]

The Benefits of Workplace Investigations

Why would an employer want to do an investigation? Investigations [...]

New Mexico HR Bills Update

New Mexico HR Bills

UPDATE | 2.21.2022 Today, we have an update on the legislative [...]

Why do employers do decide on investigations? HR Blog Southwestern HR Consulting

Why do employers conduct investigations?

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the importance [...]

What is a HR Client Assessment? HR Blog Southwestern HR Consulting

What is a HR Client Assessment?

This is a question-and-answer session with document review by a [...]

Performance Issues HR Blog Southwestern HR Consulting

The Importance of Thoroughly Investigating Performance Issues

Many organizations use progressive discipline for performance and attendance issues [...]

Employee Accommodations & the Americans with Disabilities Act - Blog Southwestern HR Consulting

Employee Termination Q&A

Question: I can relieve anyone during their probationary period for [...]

The Brain and Mediation -Blog Southwestern HR Consulting

The Brain and Mediation

Is the brain a help or a hinderance when it [...]