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Depending on the industry, employee salaries can be up to 50% of overhead. Then consider the cost of benefits, recruiting, on-boarding, turnover, worker’s compensation claims, attendance issues, potential litigation…and the list goes on. With such a big investment in human capital, organizations want to make sure they get it right. But it is often difficult for small employers to make the time to do a Human Resources analysis of their organization. Owner’s and staff in small businesses wear many hats and are trying to meet the needs of the customer on a daily basis.

That is where Southwestern HR Consulting (SWHRC) comes in. We can provide dedicated time to analyzing your organization to identify the Human Resources strengths and weaknesses and create a plan of action. An early analysis can help keep your organization on course and avert potential costly issues ahead.

Our professionals are ready to help your business streamline your HR needs and we welcome the opportunity to help Keep HR Simple.

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SWHRC - We Keep HR Simple!
SWHRC – We Keep HR Simple!

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