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The Pareto Principle applies to issues of performance management. Only twenty percent of your staff may have performance issues that need to be addressed but 80% of your time is spent on that twenty percent. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to spend 80% of your time working with your great performers and getting new customers?

Making the right hiring decision on the front end and ensuring new employees go through the right onboarding process will help. Set clear expectations with your new hires and provide them with resources to be able to do the job. Then monitor them closely during their assessment period and provide necessary feedback. 

If you do find that it’s not working out during the assessment period, then you may need to make a choice not to continue retaining the individual. Your policies will dictate your ability to take action and whether you need to follow certain steps.

Southwestern HR Consulting (SWHRC) can you help you evaluate effectively, hire right the first time and developed a handbook that becomes a tool for guidance and operations to allow you to make the decisions that are necessary. Contact us today at for a consultation.

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