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In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the importance of thoroughly investigating performance issues and how investigations prior to disciplinary action is important. This is because the level of disciplinary action should be in line with the type of infraction.

Here we outline the WHEN and WHY of investigations…

Why might an employer decide to have an investigation conducted?


  • There is a complaint about an incident
  • A very serious infraction is alleged
  • Multiple complaints are received
  • There is a pattern of complaints
  • The employer is considering conducting discipline with someone

Why might an employer decide to contract for an investigation instead of conducting it themselves?


  • The investigation will be time intensive
  • The investigation needs to be conducted quickly
  • The employer cannot otherwise dedicate a Human Resources representative for the investigation.
  • The alleged party is an internal customer of Human Resources
  • There is a conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest with the person who would conduct the investigation
  • The allegation is against a top leader
  • A fresh pair of eyes is needed

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