Update – New Mexico 2023 HR Bills

Last week I reported on the bills that were underway. [...]

New Mexico 2023 HR Bills

Not even two weeks and too many bills to count. [...]

EEOC Strategic Planning

EEOC Strategic Plan

Southwestern HR Consulting previously reported on the listening sessions to [...]

Minimum Wage Rates for 2023

As a reminder, the current minimum wage for the State [...]

Employee Overhead

As we approach year end and enter into 2023, I [...]

Retaliation Claims

Employers can position their organizations to proactively address potential litigation [...]

New Mexico’s D.W.S. Task Force

Those of you who may have been tracking the New [...]

SWHRC Spirit

SWHRC Spirit

As we now approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I sat back [...]

2023 New Mexico Legislative Session

In anticipation of the New Year, we at Southwestern HR [...]

EEOC’s “Know Your Rights”

Last week I reported on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [...]