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This is a question-and-answer session with document review by a consultant to learn the story of the organization.

Question: What is a Human Resources Client Assessment?

Answer: A human resources client assessment, involves listening to the challenges and celebrations the client is experiencing and asking the right questions to provide growth toward solutions. Rarely is there just one magic solution that will solve all the HR issues at one time. Often, issues escalate over time, and they usually don’t develop from only one source. To adequately address issues, it will take a customized plan and a development of trust among the employees.

For example, imagine the manager who is trying to get a project off the ground:

“Nobody’s listening to me! We’ve got to get this deliverable out in four months but the way it is going now it’s going to take five years! I’m about to move these team members out and see if I can move some other team members in. It’s going to delay two projects…”

This is where the HR Consultant starts to ask the following questions.

  • What appears to be the main issues on this project and the internal dynamics on the team?
  • How does the team communicate?
  • Has the team had issues before?
  • What has been done to clarify expectations on the project?
  • Are there simultaneous changes occurring within the organization?
  • When was the organization’s last strategic planning session?
  • Have the individuals on the team had a workstyle assessment?

The answers to these questions will help your HR Consultant put together a customized plan to best support the issues you are experiencing. If you are having challenges within the organization that involve your team, contact Southwestern HR Consulting at SWHRC.com. We can make an impactful difference!

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