Investigators sometimes see issues that are systematic that can be addressed through organizational development initiatives. While I would never recommend training for an entire department because just one person is having performance issues in the organization, occasionally sometimes an entire department is affected. For example, the investigator may find that some of the issues are occurring because employees in the department or even leadership may have different personalities and different approaches which create conflict. Sometimes the strategic plan has not been well communicated or there is no strategic plan at all. Sometimes there are issues because of extensive changes or growth within the organization.

Including employees in providing input into change initiatives or strategic planning can help improve buy-in. Activities around personality assessments can help your employees understand their individual work styles and how those work styles can best interact with other styles. Organizational Development activities can help address these issues. At Southwestern HR Consulting (SWHRC) we can facilitate strategic planning sessions, goal setting, and communication and feedback sessions on change initiatives, in addition to personality style activities and team building.

These types of items are sometimes the first activities to be cut from budgeted activities. However, the cost of not investing in these items on the front end can result in a significantly higher cost on the back end. Investigations, turnover, lost productivity, and litigation can cost thousands of dollars. Just one employee relations case can well surpass the cost of conducting an offsite retreat. Consider contacting us at SWHRC today to discuss what support we can offer your organization.

Magdalena Vigil-Tullar

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