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Southwestern HR Consulting (SWHRC) has a variety of tools to help address employee relations issues in your business and in some cases, just like in the field of medicine, computers, and auto repair, more than one tool is necessary to help run diagnostics and address the situation. For example, as a business, you may be having behavioral issues with 1 or 2 employees. In the meantime, you may be experiencing some growing pains as an organization. You may find that you are having to change processes to keep up with the demand, hire new people, including management, and retain existing staff. However, you are finding that there are more morale issues and infighting. What should you do?

Depending on the types of behavioral issues, and what has been addressed before, if anything, you will minimally need to address expected behaviors and the consequences of not behaving appropriately. At most, you may have to use discipline, up to and including discharge. Also, important to consider, is your type of business. You may be an at-will employer, you may be a public sector employer, or you may otherwise have existing language in your policy manual or union contract(s) that require you follow a particular process. 

Simultaneously, we can conduct a climate survey to get feedback from your staff about their concerns versus what is working well. Doing so enables us to provide feedback to give you a sense of general themes and ideas for addressing these issues. 

We can provide you with organizational development techniques to assist with change management and strategic management planning to help you communicate priorities with your staff and obtain feedback and buy-in to the process. 

To address in-fighting between specific staff, we can also provide mediation services to help them communicate and work through their issues together. We can also conduct personality inventories so your staff can understand their specific communication styles and how their styles work best with each other. 

Personnel issues don’t usually go away and those people issues can make or break your business. Salaries and benefits are usually the highest cost to a business. Shouldn’t you invest in making your people successful? At SWHRC we have over 200 years of collective and diverse Human Resources experience in a variety of fields and can analyze the situation and make recommendations to help your business succeed. Contact us today!

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