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Why Performance Management?  What does it include?

Employees are the most expensive and most valuable asset of your organization and employees
need constant development and measurable feedback in order to perform at the highest levels.
Performance management, when orchestrated properly, can have a direct impact on the financial
success of a company by reducing costs, increasing revenue, and increasing operational
efficiency. Performance management can increase employee engagement and also lays the
groundwork as a factual basis for employee promotions and merit increases. Performance
management also establishes specific job performance expectations which allow an employer to
substantiate corrective action if an employee is not meeting performance standards.
Performance management is a wide-ranging subject and SWHRC can assist you in developing a
program that meets the needs of your specific company. It is more than just an annual review at
the end of the year. Performance Management focuses on strategically aligning your workforce
with your organization’s mission, vision, and values by planning, developing, monitoring, rating,
and rewarding employee contributions. Performance Management strategies are not only
applicable to individual employees, but also to teams, programs, processes and the organization
as a whole.

How SWHRC Can Help Your Business
SWHRC takes a customized approach to help you create a performance management program
that will successfully communicate expectations and opportunities to employees, with the
purpose of increasing employee engagement and effectiveness and limiting turnover. We work to
ensure that your performance management program is aligned with your organization’s mission,
vision, and culture. In addition, SWHRC will help you develop a program that is compliant with
state and federal regulations, effectively reducing your liability.

SWHRC will work with your organization in developing a Performance Management model to include
the following pieces based on your organization’s need:
 Annual Performance Evaluations
 Employee Recognition/Incentive Programs
 Corrective Action Policies and Documents
 Job Descriptions
 Compensation Policies
 Professional Development Programs
 Employee Development
 HR Strategic Planning
 Succession Planning
 Manager Training on Coaching and Documentation

The lack of an effective performance management program can:
 Increase your legal risks and exposure to employee claims
 Decrease employee productivity
 Create confusion amongst employees
 Decrease consistency
 Create gaps and weakness in the event of an employee termination
 Decrease employee accountability


We Keep HR Simple!

At Southwestern HR Consulting, we are the Human Resources experts, so you don’t have to be. We make sure that your business is HR Healthy and up to date on the latest regulations. Our clients become legally compliant, well documented, and consistent in their daily HR practices by customizing services to meet the needs of each organization. SWHRC’s processes have served as a proven approach in meeting HR requirements. We want our clients to be better in their field and create long-term business partnerships. And it all starts with a conversation.


Disclaimer: As the employer, you, of course, have the final decision on your approach to all advisement.

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