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Regardless of the type of employer you are or your size, you will be impacted by a myriad of employment regulations and they will vary based on those factors and others.

Federal Contractors and Sub Contractors

The EEOC released a notice yesterday signifying it has released a new course for federal and federally assisted construction contractors and subcontractors. Covered construction contractors have specific employment compliance procedures that apply to them and there can be ramifications, including debarment from being a federal contractor, if you are not meeting regulatory obligations. Do you have someone to walk you through your requirements as a federal contractor?

Any Public Employer in the State of New Mexico

Be aware that there is no uniform poster for the New Mexico State Whistleblower Protection Act. The Act states that every public employer will post notices prepared by the employer that set forth the provisions of the Whistleblower Protection Act. Do you currently have this required information posted?

Private Employers

Private employers in the US are covered under the National Labor Relations Act which addresses collective bargaining and allowing employees to organize for the purpose of negotiating terms and conditions of employment or for other efforts of “mutual aid or protection.” Do you know what kinds of things you can and cannot do during an organizing campaign and if organized, have you considered how you are going to ensure you are in compliance with the NLRA?

Small Employers

Employers with as little as one employee will be required to comply with the Healthy Workplaces Act effective July 1, 2022 which will require employers to provide a minimum of 1 hour of paid time to employees for every thirty hours worked and in the same conditions as the Act. Are you prepared?

If your answer to these questions is “no,” we can assist with:

  • One time needs – Employment handbook, creation of forms, investigation, special projects
  • On-going assistance where hiring a dedicated employee is not feasible
  • Occasional assistance – When in HR transition or training an HR employee, supporting the organization through periods of fluctuation.

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