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Companies, large and small, have to adhere to Human Resource laws and regulations. As crazy as it seems these legalities are frequently changing and depending on how they should manage their business and their employees.

Having just one employee carries HR requirements. With growth comes greater requirements, risk, and exposure. Employee numbers of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50, and 100 are significant in maintaining compliance. Many small businesses do not have the resources to stay up-to-date with changing HR regulations.

Unfortunately, neglecting to understand the laws that govern your business could cost you thousands of dollars in penalties and fines. One of the most common HR mistakes small businesses make is not posting the required labor posters in their workplace(s). This seemingly small misstep can cost your company over $18,000 in fines and penalties!

Ensuring your company’s compliance with hundreds of state and federal HR regulations will effectively reduce your legal liability, encourage increased productively and morale, and will help you build a positive public image.

The Process for Implementing a Plan Towards HR Compliance, Documentation, and Efficiencies is simple when working with the professional HR Consultants.

If your organization already has compliance measures in place, It is a best practice to have an outside Consultant complete an HR assessment to see where there may be challenges and legal liability. The assessment involves reviewing your existing HR documentation and processes for compliance and determining what may be missing.

If your organization is new, or you do not have HR documentation or processes currently in place, an HR Consultant will help you determine what is needed based on your company’s industry and size to ensure all applicable state and federal laws and regulations are addressed. Contact us for a consultation. 

Managing employees daily can be a difficult task for businesses of any size. It is essential to have HR Compliance Tools in place before problems arise.

Southwestern HR Consulting

HR tools include:

Employee Handbooks

The company Employee Handbook is one of the most important communication tools between your company and your employees. Not only does it set your expectations for your employees, but it also is a statement of the policies of the business and how business is conducted. Employee Handbooks are also called Policy and Procedures Manuals.

Employee Handbook Development

Owning and operating a business requires attention to every detail, particularly when it comes to handling employees and company policy.  The employee handbook serves as a vital cornerstone of company policy, streamlining internal processes and removing emotions and subjective opinions. Having an employee handbook not only gives employees a valuable resource with clear guidelines and expectations regarding conduct and performance, but it also ensures the company will meet federal and state regulations.

While dozens of HR companies offer handbooks, it is important to work with HR firm that fits the needs of your organization, from understanding your unique requirements to pricing concerns.  Creating a document that is customized to your organization. No cookie cutter templates! 

A handbook sets in place the documentation and consistency that will help you avoid everything from small nuisances to devastating penalties and fines.  Lack of consistency in company action and documentation can lead to employee complaints to the Department of Labor or claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or your state specific governing bodies.  An employee handbook mitigates discrimination fears and keeps companies on track.

Partnering with an HR Consultant you trust to build an HR Employee Handbook with effective policies and practices that will save you time and money as you develop effective and consistent decision making.

Job Description Manuals

The purpose of a job description is to identify the essential functions of a job or the position within your company. A job description (commonly called a JD) is a written document that describes the duties, responsibilities, tasks, and relationships of that job. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to hold a person accountable for performing the duties of their position without a Job Description.  

HR Policy Check-ups, State and Federal Law Handbooks & Resources

Workplace Safety Manuals and the Compliance Posters are just a few tools your company will need to stay Complaint.

HR Consultants understands the time constraints and financial resources that challenge small businesses. Their focus is to help your company become compliant with all state and federal laws and regulations, as well as HR best practices, cost-effectively. Also, they will work with you to ensure your company stays compliant by providing you with updates to HR laws and best practices that may affect your organization. Most importantly, Professional HR Consultants will minimize your risk and exposure to legal liability and costly penalties and fines.


We Keep HR Simple!

Southwestern HR Consulting, we are the Human Resources experts, so you don’t have to be. We make sure that your business is HR Healthy and up to date on the latest regulations. Our clients become legally compliant, well documented, and consistent in their daily HR practices by customizing services to meet the needs of each organization. SWHRC’s processes have served as a proven approach in meeting HR requirements. We want our clients to be better in their field and create long-term business partnerships. And it all starts with a conversation.

Disclaimer: As the employer, you, of course, have the final decision on your approach to all advisement.

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