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Your policies and procedures can make or break your business.

As a small business owner, you know the importance that consistency has in your
daily operations. Policies and procedures promote consistency, compliance and best
practices by articulating what an employee can expect from your organization and
what you expect from the employee. They help ensure and demonstrate legal
compliance, improve communication, and bring structure to an organization.
Policies and procedures are an internal control mechanism which establishes clear
guidelines for employees and management alike. Written policies prevent new hires
from getting incorrect information from current workers; making it easier to orient
and initiate new employees with correct information from the beginning.

How SWHRC Can Help Your Business
Each company is unique in its mission, vision, operations, and culture. SWHRC
recognizes these differences and will meet with you, and any key stakeholders, to
discuss your company’s specific needs and brainstorm policies and procedures to
meet those needs.

In addition to helping you create new policies and procedures, SWHRC can revise
your existing documents to ensure compliance. Employment laws change
frequently. It is important that you have your HR Consultant review your policies on
a regular basis to ensure that they are up-to-date.

The final policies will either be included in your Employee Handbook or can be
standalone documents that would be located where any employee of your company
can easily access them. Common policies that should be included in your Employee
Handbooks are Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discrimination, and Drug and Alcohol. These
policies tell employees what the company’s expectation is and how violations of the
policy will be handled. In contrast, common policies that are found outside of the
Employee Handbooks are Recruitment and Hiring. These types of policies and
corresponding procedures provide guidance to employees so that processes are
being implemented consistently.

Some additional policies and procedures that are common among employers are:
 Corrective Action
 Social Media
 Paid Time Off
 Work Place Safety


We Keep HR Simple!

At Southwestern HR Consulting, we are the Human Resources experts, so you don’t have to be. We make sure that your business is HR Healthy and up to date on the latest regulations. Our clients become legally compliant, well documented, and consistent in their daily HR practices by customizing services to meet the needs of each organization. SWHRC’s processes have served as a proven approach in meeting HR requirements. We want our clients to be better in their field and create long-term business partnerships. And it all starts with a conversation.


Disclaimer: As the employer, you, of course, have the final decision on your approach to all advisement.

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