Previously, we discussed the importance of documenting issues and feedback given to employees experiencing issues during the probationary period. Doing so will hopefully limit the success of a claim that an employer released a probationary employee for illegal reasons. This week, I’d like to more fully explore the benefits of using the probationary period and successful recruitment and onboarding.

Manager: “I don’t have time for all this recruitment and onboarding stuff! I need an employee that can hit the ground running! Just hire them and I’ll have my assistant give them a tour. They can read the policy and process manual and ask her any questions they have after that.”

Human Resources: The first ninety days of employment is the most important in determining if the employee is going to be successful. It begins with selecting the right candidate for the job. This means understanding your needs so it can be clearly communicated in the posting and recruitment process and so that the candidate can be successfully screened for the needs of the position and the organization. Once a successful candidate has been selected, the time spent in onboarding and training will increase the chance of the new employee meeting and exceeding expectations and the probability of retaining them.

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