Many organizations leave mediation as a last effort to resolve workplace situations but did you know that mediation can be used whenever there is a disagreement where having a neutral party assist in facilitating a conversation would be helpful? In fact, mediation conducted early in the process, before work relationships completely break down, can save more time and money and be more effective than waiting until issues escalate to an unmanageable situation. This includes lost time and effort addressing the conflict and a loss in customer service while the issues are being played out in the workplace.

Managers will sometimes try to mediate within their own departments. Why might this be an issue? For a mediator to be successful, it is important that the parties see the individual as impartial. Given the working relationship in the department, it is difficult for a manager or other internal person to be seen as neutral. In addition, mediators have training and practice hours towards the techniques used to promote effective communication between the parties.

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Magdalena Vigil-Tullar

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