The deadline for the Governor to sign off on bills has passed. Below are the bills which were signed that have human resources related language with a short summary.

Senate Bill 4-Prevailing Wage and Fringe Benefit Rates

Applies to: laborers and mechanics of a contractor working on State public works in excess of $60,000 (collective bargaining agreements may apply)

Provides for: minimum wages and fringe benefits to be determined annually by October 1 with an effective date of January 1st.

Applicable contractors should: review wages on an annual basis

Senate Bill 103-Workforce Solutions Background Checks

Applies to: employees, finalists of employment, contractors, and subcontractors of the Department of Workforce Solutions

Provides for: Background checks, including fingerprinting, to be conducted on the individuals identified based on their role.

Applicable contractors should: review the Act to determine applicability to their employees

House Bill 73-Educational Retirees Returning to Work

Applies to: retired employees falling under the Educational Retirement Act (ERA) who are re-employed with an employer who falls under the ACT

Provides for: a reduction in the required re-employment waiting period in order to return to work without a suspension in retirement benefits. Other criteria apply.

Applicable public educational employers should: review this prior to returning retired employees to the workforce.

House Bill 144-Commercial Driver’s License Requirements

Applies to: public school teachers

Provides for: establishment of minimum annual salaries dependent on teacher levels and other requirements.

Applicable employers who have drivers who drive certain buses or use heavy equipment should: review this legislation

Senate Bill 36-Contributions to Educational Retirement Fund

Applies to: employers who fall under the Educational Retirement Act (ERA)

Provides for: increases in required contributions

Applicable public educational employers should: ensure they have updated their payroll system to account for the changes.

Senate Bill 41-College Research Park & Economic Development Act Changes

Applies to: University Research Parks

Provides for: Designates University Research Park Corporations as public employers under the Public Employee Bargaining Act (PEBA)

Applicable employers should: Familiarize themselves with PEBA

House Bill 2-General Appropriation Act of 2022

Applies to: State agencies

Provides for: expenditures including employee compensation

Applicable State employers should: Review this carefully as there are substantial line-item vetoes to the bill as initially forwarded to the Governor

*Employers should review the listing of signed bills on the Secretary of State Website at:

to see all changes that may apply to them and specific criteria. (Legislative retirement changes were not included on this listing.)

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