We are nearing the finish line of the 2023 legislature which ends on March 18, 2023 and the closely tracked Paid Family Medical Leave, passed the senate on Saturday, 23 to 15.

There are also a variety of additional bills that were introduced related to public sector retirement, educational retirees returning to work, or retirement solvency for programs related to certain public employers.

An interesting Bill, HB 417 proposes a minimum compensation for part-time and full-time faculty of post-secondary schools dependent on the length of their contracts and appointment percentage.

Another few interesting bills are listed below:

HB 455, Workers’ Compensation Changes, increases the thresholds for attorney fees and costs of discovery related to Workers’ Compensation.

HB 502, Public Employee Probation Period proposes to reduce the existing probationary period of state employees from one year to 90 days.

SB 348, Overtime for Certain Motor Carriers, Exempts overtime requirements under the Minimum Wage Act for certain motor carriers.

Meanwhile, HB 163, 25% GRT Deduction for Small Businesses, which applies to businesses with four or less employees still notes a referral to HCEDC/HTRC as of 1/24/23.

As of Thursday morning, March 2nd, there were no additional updates on either minimum wage bills, HB 25 or HB 28.

Southwestern HR Consulting will be studying and tracking the Paid Family Medical Leave Act as it progresses and will be providing updates and resources, as needed to its customers.

Magdalena Vigil-Tullar

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