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After approximately a week, the New Mexico Legislature has 315 pieces of legislation that have been introduced. In terms of Human Resources legislation, many of those items apply to public sector only. But as previously anticipated, legislation around paid family medical leave has been introduced which is applicable to both private and New Mexico public sector employers.

There are currently three different pieces of legislation in regards to this type of leave. HB6, Paid Family & Medical Leave Act and HB11, Paid Family & Medical Leave Insurance Act, were proposed at the House. SB3, Paid Family Medical Leave Act, was proposed in the Senate. HB6, HB11, and SB3 are very similar in nature, minimally addressing paid time off for medical issues and the birth of a child. HB6 and HB 11 provide for 12 weeks of paid time while HB11 provides for 6 weeks of paid time. All programs require contributions from employers and employees beginning 1/1/26 with an effective date to participate in use of the fund beginning on 1/1/27. The pieces of legislation provide an allowance for organizations who have similar programs.

Southwestern HR Consulting (SWHRC) will be tracking these pieces of legislation as they make their way through the legislature. Follow us through Linked-In or on our site at, as we follow these Acts.

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