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While re-writing postings and posting on additional sites can be helpful, you may want to step back before reposting to determine if there may be other reasons why quality candidates are not applying to your position. Consider the following:

  • Do I need to have an updated salary study done to ensure I am still competitive? Given the current competition for talent, wages are rising. If you haven’t increased salaries in the last six months and/or haven’t had a study done, you may not be competitive.
  • Do I need to consider a different work schedule or work location? Employers are finding that their employees and candidates are interested in increased flexibility in where and how work is done. For example, if a compressed week isn’t something you aren’t interested in because you need coverage 5 days a week, might you be able to hire two part-time people instead of one full time person? If you can’t allow telecommuting full-time, would allowing it on a rotational basis be possible?
  • Should I reconsider the position for which I am hiring? Look at your job description. If you own a small organization and the position you are hiring for has a wide range of duties from less complex to highly complex, you may want to consider splitting the position into two jobs or you may think about additional structural changes to better meet your needs.
  • Should I look at other recruitment resources I haven’t considered before? Absolutely! Specific job duties may be redirected to community based/non-profit programs that provide specialized training. Organizations like Best Buddies have their own training programs that they provide to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

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