Well, the implementation date for Healthy Workplaces Act (HWA) has come and gone. We at Southwestern HR Consulting have been tracking this piece of legislation since its inception and were busy ensuring our existing clients and many new clients were getting the necessary resources to be compliant by the July 1st implementation. However, for those of you who may not have had a chance to prepare or have been dreading the changes, it’s not too late.

First, ensure you have posted the mandatory poster from Department of Workforce Solutions. The poster can be found here. (If the primary language of 10% of your workforce is Spanish or Vietnamese, you will have to post in those languages as well.)

Second, either email your employees with a link to the poster and announcement about HWA or give them a hard copy announcement with a copy of the poster.

Ultimately, you will need to create a systemic process to track the accrual, use, and balance of HWA leave and an internal company policy around the Act. The Act has several areas where the employer can choose specific parameters so relying on just the language of the Act is not enough. You’ll also need to review and update other policies within your handbook that may conflict with the Act. In addition, if audited, you’ll want to ensure you have a policy that supports your compliance with the Act. If you are having a difficult time putting together your policy, contact us at SWHRC today. We can help with your policy and can provide support as you are working through use of leave with employees.

Magdalena Vigil-Tullar

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