A review of online statistics for employment litigation will result in a variety of different figures that appear to range from tens of thousands to a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Costs to consider are attorney’s fees, back payments, payments for lost future income, emotional distress payments, punitive damages, and the opportunity costs of your time away from the business spent in responding to the case and preparing. If you end up settling the case, there will be a cost for the settlement payment. While a business may be hesitant to put money into hiring a Human Resources (HR) Consultant because they may not see an immediate return on investment, the employer would be well advised to consult with HR.

The creation of a handbook and consultation with an HR representative prior to taking employment action against an employee can far outweigh the cost of even just one litigation. For some small businesses, the cost of litigation could make or break the business. Running a business without HR Consultation is like water skiing without a life jacket. You might not drown but would you want to take the chance?

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