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Do you know a small employer or are you a small employer who doesn’t have an Employee Handbook yet? Are you without a dedicated HR Consultant and have decided to save resources by writing your own Handbook? Or have you not had time to update your Handbook for several years?

Employee Handbooks set the basis for everything that you do related to your staff. Done right, it provides guidance to your managers and staff, creates common understanding, and keeps you in compliance with a multitude of laws. If done incorrectly, it can create numerous issues for your organization.

Do you have four or more employees? If you do, you’ll have to be compliant with the New Mexico Human Rights Act. How have you addressed this in your Handbook? Do you have information about the Healthy Workplaces Act in your Handbook? Do you think you don’t need language because you already give paid time off? Think again. How can you ensure that you are not violating Section 7 rights under the National Labor Relations Act in your Handbook?

At Southwestern HR Consulting, our experienced Consultants will create a customized Handbook for you that addresses regulatory requirements and Handbook best practices while taking your organization and industry into account.

Whether you still need a Handbook or your Handbook needs updating, contact us at Southwestern HR Consulting (SWHRC) today and we can provide you with guidance from our team of experts.

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