Not even two weeks and too many bills to count. The 2023 New Mexico legislature is well under way. The last day to introduce new bills is February 17, 2023 which will likely create a rush to the finish line. Here is a short listing of HR related bills. 

HB 25   Minimum Wage Increase and Indexing 

HB 28   State Minimum Wage Cost-Of-Living Increase 

HB 65   Return to Work for Affiliated Public Employer 

HB 66   Safety Officer Retirement Calculations 

HB 116 Active Duty Nat’l Guard as State Employees 

HB 127 Education Assistant Salary Increase 

HB 150 Retiree Health Care Contributions 

HB 166 NM Work & Save Act and Retirement Changes 

HB 189 Educational Retirement Changes 

SB 193 Retiree Healthcare Contributions 

SB 194 NM Work & Save Act & Retirement Changes 

SB 211 Career Development Success Pilot Program 

SB 226 Diversity Act  

SJM 2   State Employee Evaluation Task Force 

Note that some of HR related legislation above applies to either private or public employment. Most are clearly noted in the title with the exception of the Diversity Act, which relates to the state. Nothing has yet been introduced on the “Paid Family and Medical Leave” yet but we are expecting to still see something before the close of the introduction of items given that the Task Force has provided its recommendations. Expect to see a lot of controversy on the wage bills as the implication to small businesses is considered against employees’ economic needs. 

Both the “NM Work & Save Act and Retirement Changes” relates to private sector retirement and changes the definition of covered employees, covered employers, and wages, making this coverage mandatory for some employers that are not currently included. 

The Career Development Success Program is a three-year pilot program providing financial incentives to school districts to enroll students in grades nine through twelve in a “qualified industry credential program, or qualified workplace training program.” I’ve included it here as this may be a potential recruitment source for employers in the future.  

If you are unsure about which laws apply to you or need help to come into compliance with existing regulations, contact us at Southwestern HR Consulting today! 

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